Launching a branch in Poland has been Brightech’s long-time dream. We’ve contemplated expanding our horizons for years, feeling ready to make our mark in Europe. Yet, finding the time to take that first step can be challenging amidst the daily grind. Sometimes, life makes decisions for you. And so it was with our Polish office.

After the beginning of the full-scale invasion, part of our team found themselves in Wrocław. Naturally, our HR team and managers began planning for the relocation as early as February 2022, predicting the worsening of the situation. We worked remotely for the first two months, but it became clear that our hope to return home quickly was in vain, unfortunately. Thus, we needed a working space.

Securing a proper office in a city recognized as Poland’s IT capital was no small feat. This is where giants like IBM, Nokia, and Google have opened their branches. Initially, Brightech settled in a comfortable coworking space, but since May 2023, we’ve found our new home in Business Garden Wrocław. It’s a modern business center close to the city center, with convenient transportation links, spacious offices equipped with smart home systems, and various fast-food options on-site.

A new office is more than just a space with furniture and computers. It’s a place where you want to spend time, gather together, and work productively. Our Ukrainian team members who moved to Poland have already settled in Wrocław, joined by new employees. With many Ukrainians in the country, we’re always happy to help them become part of Brightech. However, we plan to make our Wrocław office more international and hire local professionals as well. So, we needed more space. Now we have three meeting rooms, including ones for English and Polish language classes, regularly held in our office, rest areas, a kitchen for coffee breaks, and spacious premises comfortably accommodating various departments of our company. Now, everyone has the personal space they need, which is lacking in the coworking space.

On the downside, our building is so “smart” that it decides when to open and close the blinds to “protect” us from the blazing sun. Sometimes, we can’t enjoy the beautiful views outside our almost panoramic windows. Unfortunately, sunny days in Wrocław are not that frequent (the design team missed sunny days so much that they even created, so to speak, an art object on glass).

Opening an office in Poland marks a new chapter for the Brightech family. It’s already the fourth point on our map: before this, we had offices in Ukraine, the USA, and Mexico. And it’s also a reminder: if you back your dreams with persistent work, anything is possible. And, of course, it wouldn’t have happened without our team, both in Poland and our homeland, Ukraine.

“We’ve come a long way from a tiny office in a small town to an international company. Today, I want to say thank you to our team, which is currently working in Ukraine. Without you, nothing would have been possible. Despite power outages, communication issues, and lack of proper sleep, you are always engaged and working; you are always with us. You are the real heroes! I always say that a company is not just an office, but first and foremost, people,” confessed Olena Konovalova, Brightech manager, during the solemn opening of the office.

Of course, we couldn’t miss celebrating such a significant event! And the grand opening was not just about the festive cake and a colorful photo zone. It was about each one of us, about our Polish team, who made this day possible. To ensure this day is remembered for a long time, we made a movie about the success stories of our employees, their memories of the first working day, and the emotions of working at Brightech. And about the celebration, of course – we all deserve a little celebration! Watch more in our YouTube video.

For us, work is not just about KPIs and deadlines. Brightech is a family united by common goals, achievements, and values. We invite you to join our team! All openings are on the website in the “Careers” section.