What We Do

Brightech offers a variety of services that will support and strengthen your business. For more details, talk to us about the service you are interested in.

Software & High Load

We will create products for your business using the latest programming software and high-load systems. With our technology we can make a customer-friendly and state-of-the-art product for your business.


Whether you need us to make an e-commerce project from scratch, or to support an existing one, we will do it, no problem. We can create a high-load IT-product tailored to your business’s needs.

Advertising & Marketing

Always stay on top in search engines. Our effective marketing strategies will keep your business in the spotlight and make it more attractive for potential customers.

Graphic Design

Business strategy must be not only precise but also creative and appealing. With our graphic design solutions your business will keep up with the latest visual trends.


Let us tell your story by setting your ideas in motion. We can add animation effects to any image.

Web Design & Development

Every modern business needs a website. We can create a platform that will represent your company on the internet in the way that suits your business requirements best.


We will augment usability of your tech products to give your clients the best user experience and the most user-friendly interface.


Using state-of-the-art software and technologies, our DevOps team is ready to support your project. We will employ our expertise from large international projects to implement your next big idea.

Our Life

  • Culture

    Having a strong company culture is vital. Brightech creates a safe corporate environment that unites people from different departments in a place where they encourage each other’s creativity, productivity, and growth.

  • culture scaled
  • culture scaled
  • People

    Employees are the most valuable asset of every company. Here at Brightech we create comfortable working conditions backed up with high-tech support for each specialist.

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  • people scaled
  • Family Values

    We believe that a strong team with a shared sense of values is like a family. That’s why we love getting together to have fun and create beautiful memories.

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  • Trust

    Trust is a vital component when it comes to building reliable work relationships and a strong company culture. And it’s a two-way street; we encourage honest and mature feedback from our teams.

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  • trust scaled
  • Fun

    Not only do regular corporate retreats and recreation activities help organizations engage and retain their employees, they’re simply fun. Work is not all KPIs and deadlines!

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  • fun scaled
  • Health and Lifestyle

    To promote a healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle in our company, we participate in sports events and sustainability initiatives.

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  • health lifestyle
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Our Blog


We Seek World-Class Talent That Makes a Difference!


Our company is ever hungry for new knowledge and technology that make an impact. And we recruit top professionals to fill this need. We live to the fullest and find joy in the smallest of things. It’s always fun to have fun together, be it someone’s birthday, the end of their trial period, a game of ping pong in the rec room, or a pet’s anniversary.

What It’s Like Working with Brightech

  • Progressive

    People want to work for a growing and innovative company unafraid to try new things. Brightech is one of such companies.

  • Flexibility

    The workplace of today is different than it once was. Employees are no longer willing to live the 9-to-6 “cubicle lifestyle” that has been the standard for so long. As a flexible company, Brightech consistently emphasizes the importance of work-life balance.

  • Grow Together

    Brightech encourages personal and professional growth of its employees. We have a system of benefits covering external training courses for the employees who seek professional improvement, because when our people become better, we become better too.

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